Bring your LINE avatar to life



LINE PLAY is a game developed by the team over at LINE, the communications app. It offers you the option to create your own avatar and live within the world of LINE where you'll be able to communicate with millions of people that use this app.

The first time you access this game, you'll need to create your own character choosing from: a man, woman, or animal. When your avatar is completely customized from head to toe, including clothes and skin color, you'll get to start on your adventure starting from your character's house. Which is completely empty, and ready to be turned into a real home where you'll be able to add as many decorations as you want.

The whole game is based on the online buying system in LINE, where you use coins that you have to purchase in order to pay for products and services. On the other hand, LINE PLAY can be used to interact with anyone else you meet along the way to chat with people from around the world. Enjoy your new life in the world of LINE and manage your character and their needs.
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